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Klasern MOT

The MOT is a Tuan Hoang's design project in collaboration with Klasern. The watches bridge the two worlds of classic and modern with elegant, timeless design. Inspired by Bauhaus, Atomic Age, and Scandinavian designs, the MOT lays emphasis on functionality and simplicity while still embodying a futuristic look. The MOT collection is available in silver, black, and rose gold. The powder-coated stainless steel case, which has a unique profile and invisible lugs, holds the white double-layer dial inside. The leather straps are made by craftsmen who take an obsessive approach to workmanship.

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Anastasia Kucherenko, a young artist and graduate of the Jewellery Design course at British Higher School of Design, creates a collection of jewellery messengers: Force brooches. They are a metaphor of strength and vulnerability, expressed in the form of flowers and porcelain struck by metal features . People wear Force brooches, because they want to say “yes” to the solution of the problem of violence and unite to maintain balance in the world through beauty and art.

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Mr Hip Stylist

Unlike the design of single piercing earrings where the form of an earring's main purpose is to be aesthetically appealing, the form of multiple earrings had to accommodate different ear sizes and various distances between ear holes. The main body of the earring through its simple form fits harmoniously with the ergonomics of the ear. The spring at the end of the piece connects to a chain at the back of the matching cartilage stud, this gives flexibility to adjust the earrings set to various ear sizes and distances between the piercings.

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Technology collection

Modern technologies surround us day after day. We spend at least 8 hours a day at the computer. The idea of the collection is to transform parts of a personal computer into jewelry. Some image of the internal board of a personal computer that catch view and it became very interesting for creating a collection of jewelry that would be just as rhythmic and concise.Collection shows people how beautiful some piece that they do not see, but what help them every day.

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The inspiration behind the Transforma collection comes from the pendant lights created by well-known designers. The designer's challenge involved both aesthetic and functional aspects, meaning reconstructing of the shapes and lines in small dimensions and creating interactive pieces that could be transformed in order to get a bit different pendant each time.

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The Starry Night

It was not until Ray invented his own“Yin and Yang”,or dark and bright,carving method did the public realize that jade can also be finely sculpted as luxury pieces of jewelry.One day,Ray saw Van Gogh's introduction in a book,he was inspired by Van Gogh's work"The Starry Night",then he was thinking how to take this famous into his jewelry designs.18k gold is too heavy,so he used titanium,although carving jade is easy for him,but the production of titanium is very difficult.This is a challenge.It is also a creation of successful innovation and new combination of jewelry.

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