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Celtic Legacy

The Celtic Legacy timepieces represent the culture and art of the Celtic era where graphical symbols has very strong meaning. For a years, humans are driven by exploration to discover new ideas, new concepts and new frontiers which is implemented in this collection. With precision engineering this mechanical watches are finely produced and they can last for generations. The dimensions and the design of Celtic Legacy provides the perfect blend of elegance, class and balance.

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Miracle of Birth

In the natural world, the spiral shape is a special existence that feels the mystery of life. Many spiral shapes can be found in galaxies, typhoons, whirlpools, plants, shells, works of art, etc. In addition, human DNA is also composed of a double helix shape, and 99.9 percent of its structure is common. It is said that he was born in this world with a completely different personality and appearance with only the remaining 0.1 percent difference. In connection with the modeling beauty of the birth of such life, the tone of emotions was expressed in Choker.

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Astronef is heir to both ancestral know-how and an unyielding desire to create the design of tomorrow. Its character combines adrenaline and contemporary art. It showcases recently introduced technology involving two tourbillons rotating in opposite directions at high speed. They cross paths 18 times per hour and are built on two different levels. This gives life to a captivating animation, which unfolds before the wondering gaze. In all, six distinct elements are in motion: two satellite tourbillons rotating around the dial, as well as their two cages and their two counterweights.

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The Power of Pastry

Designer believe that jewelry should not be limited by precious materials. Finding a way to communicate audience is also a way to represent jewelry. The interactive paper jewelry kits invite audiences to participate in the jewelry making process following the recorded guide video. The kits have different levels from simple paper rings to complex paper brooches. Audiences can try to challenge themselves step to step to feel the magic change from a flat paper to a 3D paper jewelry without glue. It will be a silent but amazing communication between designer and audience.

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Safety Pin

These fully functional safety pin ring that sits over three of the wearer's fingers and can double up as a brooch, pendant or bracelet.The design of the piece was combined with its technical side while maintaining it lightweight. First, a 3D model was created and grown by prototyping on a 3D printer. The cast was made in gold and polished. Then precious stones were fixed into the base product and the parts were connected.

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Moels and Co 528

Moels and Co 528 is a mid modern century inspired wrist watch with a rectangular shaped case and an asymmetric dial which was sectioned according to the golden ratio. The dial is painted with a silver metallic base mixed with a pigment coating that provides a luminous finish and depending on the light circumstances the color of the dial changes creating an effect that is highly attractive. Without frills, complications or needless decorations this design is truly uncommon on today's market.

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