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Line Rings

This project is a collection of rings that are designed to highlight the interaction between wearer and jewelry. The moveable sphere inside the ring provides feedback to the wearer through natural movement in form of collision, vibration, and rotation. The nine rings are designed in different formats that can be worn in various ways.

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Dancing Ballerina

Sybarite Ballerina ring is a fascinating piece of design. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Steadfast Tin Soldier, the ring alludes to the relationship between the eponymous Tin Soldier and the ring is namesake Paper Ballerina. Sybarite has capitalized on the craftsmanship of their team excellently, as the piece is precious stone mechanical movement shows the Ballerina spinning as if she were truly alive with each movement of the wearer.

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Van Gogh's Rosebush

A handmade necklace m inspired by Van Gogh's “Rosebush in Blossom” painting. The Rosebush Necklace are made with the best raw material: gold 18k and pearls. Pearls represent the rounded shapes and different sizes of the roses on Van Gogh's canvas. Van Gogh's branches became gold as they connect pearl to pearl in a complex web of beauty. The necklace's tip is detachable, allowing the user to match the mood and neckline of the day. This necklace was made for the red carpet.

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Eastern Blocks

Concrete jewelry collection inspired by Soviet apartment buildings where the majority population still lives. This design aim was to create clearly recognizable Eastern European house motif as an iconic symbol of individuality and commonality illusion that would be applied to the jewelry and create an aesthetic, unexpected image of the architecture of the Eastern European buildings in jewelry design objects. This collection will provide a new perspective on the Soviet architectural heritage and uniqueness in a global context.

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Crosscut Cabouchon

Within the carefully designed and boldly coloured settings, Sun matches the ethically sourced gemstones with new vocabularies of materials. Upcycled Corian and anodized aluminium meet recycled gold and silver to offer a stark contrast with the characteristics of the stone. The uncommon material palette and setting techniques in a sustainable and ethical manner, allow Sun opportunities to play with scale and proportion, invite the audience to see jewellery in a different light.

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Adesse is an ultra-minimalist watch that acts as a memento to enjoy the present. The minimalist approach to becoming 'present' is to remove the unnecessary. Adesse reimagines the traditional analog watch with minimalist principles, and questions what is absolutely necessary to tell the time. Do you really need to see the numerical indicators? The minute hand? The hour hand? Designed through subtraction, traditional watch features are removed. A sculptural piece is carved out of the watch face. The face rotates, covering and deliberately revealing just enough to tell the time.

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