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The Cactus Ring, from the Japanese Garden collection, is made of 18K gold with unique 12 ct. Cat's Eye effect Ural emerald, small emeralds and diamonds. The needles are located in the inner side of cactus petals and form a plane for the central emerald cast. The central emerald represents the cactus flower, and small emeralds are set up-culet.

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With one hand, one motion, and one second, EyeWris reading glasses transform into an eye-catching bracelet for unparalleled convenience. Always within reach, these stylish glasses eliminate the daily frustration of not having reading glasses when needed. EyeWris reading glasses are built to last, utilizing memory metal and proprietary lenses with anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and blue light blocking technology. EyeWris represents a meeting of timeless style and innovation, bringing brand new functionality to a familiar product.

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Dancing Crane

Dancing Crane is a crane shaped jewelry necklace. The designer outlines the curved crane neck with simple lines, which contrasts with the complex lines of the crane's tail and wings. The crane's head is connected to the crane's tail in the design, as if the crane is looking back and combing its feathers. During wearing, the user can use the buckles and components hidden behind the collar to split and group the necklace.

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The Venation

Inspired by the growth patterns of plants, The Venation jewelry collection integrates the trend of spiraling growth of plants up and out over time into jewelry. The work uses the irregular outline and the density of the middle structure to show the dynamic and texture of life growth. The streamlined undulations reveal organic forms, and the overall work reflects a dynamic sense of extension. K gold and diamond combine to create a rich sense of space and a strong sense of three-dimensional, reflecting the modeling ability and a high level of technology.

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Modo Snap Hinge

Part of Modo eyewear collection uses an innovative Snap Hinge system that surpasses current common hinge constructions, which are made up of several components. The snap hinge’s main function is to easily join the front of a pair of glasses to their temples through a very simple method – click, by pressure – without the use of screws or welding, and instead by a reliable connection and smooth friction operation. Extreme simplicity, great reliability, maximum production economy, sustainability: for a clean design.

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Desert Desire

There are some characteristics that distinguish these pieces and highlight the influence of graphic design. One is the iconicity of the shapes and the visual effect of three-dimensionality that is achieved, only, through textures and thread patterns. The second is the imperfection of each handmade piece. These geometric shapes assume accuracy but don't have it. Each curve and texture are different. They are imperfect but unique, as in nature, and explore the peculiarity of two worlds – cacti and snakes –making them harmoniously coexist in a system.

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