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Artika Horizon

Artika Horizon is a wristwatch that can be worn on the wrist, neck, clothing or backpack. The monolithic case of the watch has a strap that allows for such a variety of wearing this accessory. The watch design is made in the style of the Artika brand, the principle of which is based on simplicity and sophistication. This watches reflect the main ideas of the first iterations, which were inspired by the Black Hole and its event horizon, how space can bend under the influence of large forces. So in this watch, the cord symbolizes a space that bends around time beyond its control.

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Love Eternity

This pair of earrings is made from 14K solid yellow gold, a matching pair of 3.0mm round lab-grown rubies and approximately 558 round diamonds. Each earring consists of two parts, a bezel holding a ruby and a spiral drop element. The bezel has a channel, from which the spiral hangs and moves in a pendulum motion. The alternating rows of diamonds and gold illustrate two strands giving and receiving as equals as they wind into one and flow in a spiral course. The eyes would read a circular dynamic that symbolizes the perpetual nature and the power of love the main idea of this design.

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The No 2

Minimalist design with maximum durability and comfort. The No. 2 Eyewear's clean-cut design with minimum components embody the idea - Less is more. They challenge the status quo by innovating how eyewear is designed, made, constructed, and develop the most durable, ultralight, zero-screw eyewear you never experienced before. The eyewear problems you take for granted no longer exist - No discomfort. No screws. No broken glasses. Only the eyewear you feel like wearing nothing.

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The Dandelion Ring was designed after a thorough and closely observation of dandelion, consisted of a surrounded petals that with different details on it, whether if it's twisted, stoned, or carved with countless fine lines. In the jewelry designer Richard Wu's perspective, dandelion reminds him of the lights and freedom, two things he wants to bring to the wearer through the design at this post covid 19 era.

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Planetary Ring

It's cool to wear asteroid debris on your body. At the same time, when your body moves, it will rotate like a planet with gravity and inertia. The round meteorite material has no electroplating anti-oxidation treatment, and the long-term wearing surface will produce an oxidation reaction, and the texture effect will change with time. The 925 silver support structure has no welding point with the meteorite and is linked with the bearing structure. The production, assembly, and after sales processes are sustainable and eco-friendly.

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String in the Tail

String in the Tail is a unique design combining figurative and abstract design elements inspired by my love of Siamese fighting fish. The piece looks like a bangle but is also part bracelet with a 3 strand string of pearls as an adjustable catch. This piece is also completely hand made from reused 18ct white and yellow golds with the piece brought to life by using natural vivid fancy yellow diamonds contrasting with white diamonds and complemented with the 3 strands of grey pearls with satin yellow gold bead that make the adjustable catch.

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