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"Nostalgium" is created based upon the combination of popular Persian nostalgies and is a reminiscent of the days filled with joy and happiness in which the courtyard pond and Geraniums flowerpots surrounding it, were two inextricable elements in the architecture of courtyards in Persian Houses. The days when families used to gather in the yard, it was one of the joyful things to do before modernism. The design was inspired by these two nostalgies in order to convey aesthetic and delightful feeling of pleasant past memories. “Nostalgium“ is created from Nostalgia and Gerenium.

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The Rose Fountain

The inspiration of designing comes from the artistic beauty in the revolving rose fountain and the designer’s initial intention to break the diamond ring’s design convention of the static plane and create the innovative design works. The revolving inlaid fountain makes all angles of the diamond ring the focus of aesthetic appreciation. And the addition of rose that symbols love innovatively interprets the combination of aesthetics and good taste, shows the limitless possibility of jewelry design and expresses the independent spirit of modern women who dare to be different and be pioneering.

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Rhapsody is a hand-crafted fine jewellery designed for today’s elegant and sophisticated tastes, while it revives the glory of Middle-Eastern cultures and their rich and epic history. It is made by employing traditional techniques and material in Mashhad city in Iran, a destination of Muslim pilgrimage and a center of traditional crafts. Rhapsody is a modern wearable sculpture based on Islamic geometry that is made for anyone who is eager for an elegant and stylish look.

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The BigBang watches feature a black and gold dial with a hollow window on the right side that transforms the movement of the minute hand from a circular motion to a vertical motion, with the impact of the passage of time. The 24-hour dial is large enough for easy reading. Designer strictly control the thickness, height and length of hand of each layer and reserve proper space. Designer repeatedly adjust the space-interspersed design of the multi-layer dial and hands, so the hands are well coordinated.

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The watch from Agelocer has a panoramic effect featuring the phases of the moon, which enlarges the view of the moon's phases to the entire dial plate. It allows users to intuitively feel the changes of moon phases, bringing them a unique aesthetic experience. The infinitely adjustable strap doesn’t need to produce long straps to match short straps and doesn’t need to punch holes in the strap, greatly simplifying manufacturing processes and saving energy and materials.

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These earrings are asymmetric, which was inspired by the duality of Day and Night. One earring is depicted in white gold as Fairy of the Day, with diamond flowers and an emerald heart. The other earring, Fairy of the Night, is depicted in black gold, with a ruby heart and diamond stars. The design of the piece was combined with its technical side while maintaining it lightweight. First, a 3D model was created and grown by prototyping on a 3D printer. The cast was made in gold and polished. Then, 403 precious stones were fixed into the base product and the parts were connected.

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