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The goal of the project was to make "indestructible" wedding rings with industrial aesthetics. This determined the choice of materials: the outer layer of every ring is 3D-printed in titan. The gap in outer shell is left for laser engraving of memorable date or the name of beloved one. The profile of inner silver part is rounded so the rings are very comfortable to wear.

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It is a ring of light design that emits delicate radiance and is soft with tension. Rather than die cutting and cutting out, it finished in the ideal ring by knitting the soft wire. The brilliance of 14 gold is just right for the ring and expresses the chic beauty for adults. We use crochet and gold-filled wire for production. We knit on both sides from the center strand knitting and increase the weight. I will knit in a loop at the end.There is no allergy reaction with a feeling of wearing that is a little flexible and comfortable. There are also rose gold of adult colors and color variation

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Borujerdiha House

The Broujerdi House is a Persian Garden in the center of Iran In city of Kashan. As the most house in the desert atmosphere, it has wind-catcher. Unique shape of the wind- catcher and light entrances of the ceiling are very impressive. Light, shadows and all those painting on ceiling as ornaments was the inspiring point for designing this ring. Black enamel as a symbol of shadow and Persian motifs in other side of the ring reminds the windows to let light enter. The yellow color of Gold remind the color of desert and Iranian architecture in the desert towns.

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Stand for Peace

Mathematical logic is the most direct but also the most secret beauty of nature. The series of fine jewelry "Stand for peace" is to explore the original formation of a round pearl, which is the trajectory of a two-dimensional circular revolving in the space.The idea is to take olive branch as the symbol of peace, and on the other hand, the leaves on the branch resemble open shells as well. No matter leaves or shells, the jewelry pieces are trying to convey the joy of growing in life. And the pearls (Tahitian pearls and Akoya pearls) are exactly like the beautiful fruits or great achievements.

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Modular Ring Series

Modular Ring Series takes its cues from contemporary sculpture, melding art and design through wearable objects. RIIA designs begin with blocks and grids, and from there explore the possibility of play through asymmetry, repetition, and moments where elements of a piece interact through movement, weight, or points of contact. RIIA pieces engage a meditation on form, the simplicity of the shapes and materials emphasized by careful artisanal construction.

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Gingko I

"Gingko I" ring is a research on the beauty of gingko leaves and natural patina that can be achieved with bronze. The base for the ring was carved manually from wax and then being cast in bronze. Four gingko leaves cast in bronze too and they are crowning the top in a sequence which creates a motion feeling. Different shades of blue and green patina finalizing the idea of motion by reminding a viewer about waves of an ocean.

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