Sensory Chairs by Dorja Benussi

Dorja Benussi Shares The Tink Things Sensory Chairs

Dorja Benussi, the thinktank behind the highlighted work sensory chairs by Dorja Benussi demonstrates, Tink Things considers different neurological thresholds while using therapeutic principles to design supportive sensory furniture. It strives to he <Cropped>

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Memory: Regathering Syria

War Is The Most Serious Reason For Causing The Damage to Both Artificial and Natural Landscape. Syria, One of The Oldest Civilizations in The World Is Entering It’s Another Year of Debilitating Violence At a Moment of Geopolitical Flux. a Huge Deficit

War is the most serious reason for causing the damage to both artificial and natural landscape. syria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is entering it’s another year of debilitating violence at a moment of geopolitical flux. a huge de <Cropped>

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Opa by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Opa Lounge Chair

The lead designer of the award winning project Lounge chair by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The beautiful and peculiar shape of a single stainless steel pipe giving shape to the furniture is what makes this lounge chair so interesting. It The bendi <Cropped>

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Fabio Rezzonico's Multix Custom Medical Trolley

Fabio Rezzonico Illustrates The Multix Custom Medical Trolley

Fabio Rezzonico, the designer of the displayed design Custom Medical Trolley by Fabio Rezzonico explains, Main idea was to create a tool with intuitive interface and specific ergonomics. This customizable trolley let the user install his machinery on <Cropped>

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Ds8100 Series by Mark Fountain

Mark Fountain Spotlights The Ds8100 Series Handheld Imager

Mark Fountain , the designer of the highlighted work Mark Fountain 's DS8100 Series Handheld Imager points out, The DS8100 series hand-held scanner is designed for retail and warehouse use. It’s clean lines and light and dark colourways fit se <Cropped>

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Noah-Bathroom Product Line by Bálint Szalai

Bálint Szalai Spotlights The Noah Bathroom Product Line

Bálint Szalai, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Noah Bathroom product line says, The Noah faucet is a simple and practical product with a unique, unusual use. I was inspired by the Japanese water fountain, the shishi-odoshi. I wante <Cropped>

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Office, Exhibition Hall, Control Room by Owen Ngau

Owen Ngau Exhibits The Tidfore Office Building Office, Exhibition Hall, Control Room

Owen Ngau, the architect of the award winning work Award Winning Tidfore Office Building office, exhibition hall , control room illustrates, The idea is to express how colossal and nimble TIDFORE , a heavy industry titan , is by suspending the viewi <Cropped>

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Dining Oases by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group Exhibits The Dining Oases Restaurant

Rockwell Group, the creator of the highlighted project Restaurant:Dining Oases by Rockwell Group illustrates, At Newark Liberty International Airport, previously underutilized corridors containing moving walkways were re-purposed to feature expansive <Cropped>

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Clean Energy Challenge

Together With Ikea Foundation, What Design Can Do (wdcd) Recently Launched The Clean Energy Challenge in 5 Cities – Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, and Mexico City. This Global Competition Calls On Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs to Rethink

Together with ikea foundation, what design can do (wdcd) recently launched the clean energy challenge in 5 cities – amsterdam, são paulo, delhi, nairobi, and mexico city. this global competition calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to ret <Cropped>

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Ring by Banafsheh Hemmatifar

Banafsheh Hemmatifar Designs The Between Ring

Banafsheh Hemmatifar, the author of the awarded work Award Winning Between Ring illustrates, In this series, she has designed a unique piece of art which is a combination of Iranian traditional patterns with new needs and applicable features and has <Cropped>

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