Dynamical Space Reconfiguration Tool:amoeba Wall by Honghao Deng

Honghao Deng Designs The Amoeba Wall Dynamical Space Reconfiguration Tool

Honghao Deng, the creator of the highlighted work Award Winning Amoeba Wall Dynamical Space Reconfiguration Tool illustrates, Amoeba Wall's design is inspired by the fluid forms and mechanisms of amoeba. It is primarily used as a tangible inter <Cropped>

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Marriott Resort Monsoon Gardens by Stephanie Wang-Design Morphology

Stephanie Wang-Design Morphology Demonstrates The Marriott Resort Monsoon Gardens Resort Landscape

Stephanie Wang - Design Morphology, the maker of the award winning project Resort Landscape by Stephanie Wang - Design Morphology explicates, The Marriott Resort landscape design exemplifies the experience of the Monsoon in Coorg by transforming the <Cropped>

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Sonata-Housing Complex by Arkham Projects

Arkham Projects Reveals The Sonata Housing Complex

Arkham Projects, the project leader of the award winning work Sonata - Housing Complex by Arkham Projects spells out, Sonata is a housing project where aesthetics and function blend in front of the city’s eyes, where complexity and simplicity are o <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Xie Yinqiu

Xie Yinqiu Demonstrates The Yin Chiku Restaurant

Xie Yinqiu, the designer of the awarded work Restaurant by Xie Yinqiu demonstrates, This project is a Japanese cuisine restaurant. Different from the general commercial space, there is no bright color and accessories, the designer through the use of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Stand by Calendar

Katsumi Tamura Creates The Stand by Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the thinktank behind the awarded design Award Winning Stand By Calendar spells out, A promotional calendar for goo, the Internet portal site that originated in Japan, this is an upgraded version of the desk calendar with pockets that <Cropped>

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Ken Mckaba's Shelfpack Luggage Packing System

Ken Mckaba Exhibits The Shelfpack Luggage Packing System

Ken McKaba, the maker of the displayed project Luggage packing system:ShelfPack by Ken McKaba spells out, ShelfPack makes traveling easier, neater and just better. Your gear stays organized with easy visibility and easy access. There is no need to un <Cropped>

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Electric Vehicle by Diavelo

Diavelo Shares The E Scooter Electric Vehicle

Diavelo , the project leader of the award winning project Diavelo 's E Scooter Electric vehicle says, The new e-scooter from Maserati is all about power, technology and innovation. The product style is inspired from a combination of the style of <Cropped>

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Picking Device by Ma Xingpeng

Ma Xingpeng Shares The Chinese Goji Picking Device

Ma Xingpeng , the creative mind behind the awarded design Picking device by Ma Xingpeng demonstrates, Goji annual output is very large,but the vast majority is still artificial picking,time-consuming and laborious.AND Goji leaves have a lot of short <Cropped>

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Alex Kovachev and Margarita Zafirova's Bachelor Pad Private Residence

Alex Kovachev and Margarita Zafirova Exhibits The Bachelor Pad Private Residence

Alex Kovachev and Margarita Zafirova, the lead designer of the highlighted project Bachelor Pad - Private Residence by Alex Kovachev and Margarita Zafirova explicates, The approach for this project is directed through the essence of stability and tr <Cropped>

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Club by Lichen Ding

Lichen Ding Presents The Tian Zi Club

Lichen Ding, the maker of the displayed design Club:Tian Zi by Lichen Ding points out, The project is located as the local club new benchmarks, more private space, more intimate service, full of ecological atmosphere, rich Zen detail collocation, col <Cropped>

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