Residential House by Hsi-Chen Cheng

Hsi-Chen Cheng Reveals The The Indoor Playground For Man and Boy Residential House

Hsi-Chen Cheng, the creative mind behind the displayed project Residential House:The Indoor Playground for Man and Boy by Hsi-Chen Cheng spells out, This residential project is the dream home meticulously planned by the female owner for the boy and t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Prospering Generations Office

Ethospace Pte. Ltd. Spotlights The Prospering Generations Office

Ethospace Pte. Ltd., the maker of the displayed design Office by Ethospace Pte. Ltd. illustrates, Prospering Generations conveys a subtle but clear statement that hail of an office with an ambience that evokes in its people a sense of pride, of place <Cropped>

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Award Winning Pig Multifunctional Seating

Francesco Favaretto-Favaretto&partners Creates The Pig Multifunctional Seating

Francesco Favaretto - Favaretto&Partners, the architect of the award winning work Francesco Favaretto - Favaretto&Partners's Pig Multifunctional Seating explicates, Pig is a new style seat and new decoration with adorable shape, and the <Cropped>

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Door Handle:fusital H377 Serie Sl D. by Steve Leung Designers Ltd

Steve Leung Designers Ltd. Creates The Fusital H377 Serie Sl D. Door Handle

Steve Leung Designers Ltd., the thinktank behind the award winning project Door Handle by Steve Leung Designers Ltd. says, Traditional features are combined and restyled with contemporary aesthetic appeal. Two sources of inspiration were involved: th <Cropped>

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Autism Tactile Training:anibo by Ziru Wang

Ziru Wang Shows The Anibo Autism Tactile Training

Ziru Wang, the lead designer of the displayed work Autism Tactile Training by Ziru Wang illustrates, Anibo is a safe and useful bath toy for autistic children with high-tactile sensitivity. A set of Anibo is a collection of 3 products. Each product w <Cropped>

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Mohan Rajesh Elara's Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot

Mohan Rajesh Elara Exhibits The Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot

Mohan Rajesh Elara, the architect of the awarded work Mohan Rajesh Elara's Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot spells out, A class of facade cleaning robot, Mantis is made of three identical modules and a caterpillar-inspired linear actuator bar system <Cropped>

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2019taipei International Design Award(tida)

Taipei City Government Has Been Devoted to Shaping Taipei Into a City With Design Visions and Has Been Encouraging Designers to Contemplate On The Meaning of Design, to See Design as a Problem-solving Tool, That Is, to Solve Problems Inevitably Faced by T

Taipei city government has been devoted to shaping taipei into a city with design visions and has been encouraging designers to contemplate on the meaning of design, to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably faced <Cropped>

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Wireless Speaker by Nima Bavardi

Nima Bavardi Reveals The Fipo Wireless Speaker

Nima Bavardi, the designer of the award winning project Award Winning FiPo Wireless speaker points out, FiPo (abbriviated form of “Fire Power” ) with its eye-catching design refers to deeply penetration of sound into bone cells as the design ins <Cropped>

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Want Some Ice Cream by Morris Chi

Morris Chi Shares The Want Some Ice Cream 3d Animation

Morris Chi, the creator of the award winning design 3D Animation by Morris Chi explicates, Desire, diet, and period... all the constrains from reality and also the cravings of her heart, all linger around inside Katie. Katie's train of thoughts <Cropped>

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Playing Cards by Elettra Deganello

Elettra Deganello Designs The Pinocchio Playing Cards

Elettra Deganello, the lead designer of the displayed work Playing Cards:Pinocchio by Elettra Deganello explicates, Pinocchio is a project of custom poker cards consisting of Sapphire, Vermilion and Collodi's decks. Sapphire is focused on the Bl <Cropped>

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