Plant Packaging by The Box Brand Design

The Box Brand Design Spotlights The Green Dream Plant Packaging

The Box Brand Design, the creative mind behind the displayed work Green Dream - plant packaging by The Box Brand Design illustrates, The concept of “The Green Dream” is to grow a combination of plants in a glass container. Customers can enjoy and <Cropped>

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Residence by Andrea Damon and Andreas Doser

Andrea Damon and Andreas Doser Demonstrates The Comed Residence

Andrea Damon and Andreas Doser, the creator of the award winning project CoMED by Andrea Damon and Andreas Doser points out, It is situated like a jumping facility on top of the slope with the main glass façade towards the garden in the south. The c <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity :agraz Restaurant by Marcelo Lopes Design

Marcelo Lopes Design Creates The Agraz Restaurant Corporate Identity

Marcelo Lopes Design, the architect of the awarded work Agraz Restaurant - Corporate Identity by Marcelo Lopes Design says, Agraz Restaurant’s brand is inspired by Brazil’s twenty-seven states. The round symbol was inspired by the center of the <Cropped>

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Shark by Amin Einakian

Amin Einakian Creates The Shark Vehicle

Amin Einakian, the creative mind behind the displayed project Shark - Vehicle by Amin Einakian illustrates, Shark is a concept vehicle which can transform Drag force to a useful force in order to fly. Design philosophy of Shark is to catch the Drag f <Cropped>

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Petr Novague's Verzo Eco I1 Electric Bicycle

Petr Novague Spotlights The Verzo Eco I1 Electric Bicycle

Petr Novague, the creator of the displayed work Award Winning VERZO eCo i1 electric bicycle spells out, VERZO eCo i1 is an electric bike designed for a large group of modern oriented customers. The design harmonizing with modern and sports look and o <Cropped>

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Wellness and Dayspa by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Demonstrates The Wellness and Dayspa Corporate Interior Branding

Helen Brasinika, the architect of the highlighted design Helen Brasinika's Wellness and DaySPA Corporate interior branding explains, A Day spa facility that is designed to stimulate the customer upon arrival, assisting an immediate transcendence <Cropped>

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Food Packaging by Mrsmith Studio

Mrsmith Studio Reveals The 100 Percent Food Packaging

MrSmith Studio, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning 100 Percent Food Packaging explains, As an answer to global pollution we've designed the first ever Nutella Package fully recyclable. Glass, aluminum and paper can be easily recycl <Cropped>

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Award Winning Origami Space Definition Sales Center

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Origami Space Definition Sales Center

The creative mind behind the displayed work Origami space definition by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The definition of space: Firstly,origami encloses a lobby space; then use valley once to surround an auditorium,which will make it looks like an e <Cropped>

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Lock The Umbrella by Caesar (hyongho Park)

Caesar (hyongho Park) Creates The Lockerella Lock The Umbrella

Caesar (Hyongho Park), the designer of the highlighted design LOCKERELLA - Lock the umbrella by Caesar (Hyongho Park) points out, Lock and make your umbrella your own. Nobody can use your umbrella because you can lock the umbrella. User's can lo <Cropped>

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Club House For Residential by Atelier Ikebuchi

Atelier Ikebuchi Shows The The Pavilia Hill Club House For Residential

Atelier Ikebuchi, the lead designer of the awarded work Award Winning The Pavilia Hill Club House for residential says, An intimate interior with luxurious materials and elements to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere.Whilst the spiritually fulfil <Cropped>

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