In:possible-Chair by Kun Ming Thian

Kun Ming Thian Portrays The in:possible Chair

Kun Ming Thian, the author of the displayed project Award Winning In:possible Chair points out, Very often, primitive understanding of how things work usually dictates the form of an object. In:possible is informed by the polarized idea of seeing thi <Cropped>

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Dule Japanese Style Izakaya by Gao Xiong

Gao Xiong Presents The Dule Japanese Style Izakaya Japan Resides Wine House

Gao Xiong, the maker of the awarded work Award Winning Dule Japanese Style Izakaya Japan resides wine house explains, The designer adopts some Japanese elements in his modern design plan, i.e. the traditional Japanese izakaya spirit and functions as <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Table:big Click by Ari Korolainen

Ari Korolainen Shows The Big Click Multifunctional Table

Ari Korolainen, the lead designer of the highlighted project Multifunctional table:Big Click by Ari Korolainen spells out, Big Click is a multifunctional table and a space saver. It can be used as a working table or a dining table. The special feat <Cropped>

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Award Winning Sandscrawler Office

Andrew Bromberg Shares The Sandscrawler Office

Andrew Bromberg, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Sandscrawler Office illustrates, As a regional headquarters for a major entertainment-related company, the project is distinguished from just an office building. Fulfilling the <Cropped>

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Suspension Lamp by We Don't Design + Davide Lanfranco

We Don't Design + Davide Lanfranco Shows The Andromeda Suspension Lamp

WE DON'T DESIGN + Davide Lanfranco, the designer of the award winning project Andromeda - Suspension Lamp by WE DON'T DESIGN + Davide Lanfranco explicates, The name Andromeda comes from the famous galaxy visible to the naked eyes from Earth <Cropped>

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Alex Ping Fun Ng's Pony Alex Multifunctional Rocking Horse

Alex Ping Fun Ng Discloses The Pony Alex Multifunctional Rocking Horse

Alex Ping Fun Ng, the creative mind behind the displayed design Award Winning Pony Alex Multifunctional Rocking Horse points out, Named after the Designer, Pony Alex is not merely a rocking horse toy, but also a buddy filled with our enthusiasm, cari <Cropped>

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Roman Vynogradnyi's Ptaha Furniture Corporate Identity, Branding

Roman Vynogradnyi Spotlights The Ptaha Furniture Corporate Identity, Branding

Roman Vynogradnyi, the creative mind behind the awarded work Roman Vynogradnyi's Ptaha Furniture Corporate Identity, Branding points out, The design was focused on the Scandinavian aesthetics of minimalism and natural elements like hard metals, <Cropped>

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Farming Kindergarten-Kindergarten by Vtn Architects

Vtn Architects Reveals The Farming Kindergarten Kindergarten

VTN Architects, the creator of the highlighted design Kindergarten:Farming Kindergarten by VTN Architects illustrates, The kindergarten is constructed for 500 pre-school children of Taiwanese shoes factory in Vietnam to provide a sustainable educatio <Cropped>

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A Bit Busy Mango Juice-Packaging Design by Zhou Jingkuan

Zhou Jingkuan Portrays The a Bit Busy Mango Juice Packaging Design

Zhou Jingkuan, the maker of the highlighted project A Bit Busy Mango Juice by Zhou Jingkuan says, This is a mango juice drink for younger consumers. The shape of the mango is designed into a hairstyle and a beard, and the visual elements that young p <Cropped>

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2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. 2020 Typography Competition Deadline: September 06, 2019 Our Juried Compet

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. 2020 typography competition deadline: september 06, 2019 our juried c <Cropped>

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