Coffee Table by András Lacfi

András Lacfi Demonstrates The The Shuttle Coffee Table Coffee Table

András Lacfi, the author of the highlighted design Coffee Table by András Lacfi explicates, Altar populates the living spaces of individuals who worship themselves enough to indulge in the joyful and elated madness they create. They conceive and cr <Cropped>

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Premium Vodka With The Jewelry:vodka Blackswan by Vladimir N. Bratchenko

Vladimir N. Bratchenko Shares The Vodka Blackswan Premium Vodka With The Jewelry

Vladimir N. Bratchenko, the designer of the displayed design Vodka BlackSwan - Premium Vodka with the jewelry by Vladimir N. Bratchenko spells out, Silhouette of the bottle resembles the shape of a slender girl decorated with jewelery in the form of <Cropped>

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Love Over The Rock-hotel by Chuang, Che Yung

Chuang, Che Yung Creates The Love Over The Rock Hotel

Chuang, Che Yung, the maker of the displayed design Hotel by Chuang, Che Yung explains, Using the "Heaven, Earth and Man" as the original designing thoughts, the designer introduces the idea from “The Book of Changes”, "First, ther <Cropped>

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Tsutomu Fujishima's Kaleidoscope Visual Art

Tsutomu Fujishima Discloses The Kaleidoscope Visual Art

Tsutomu Fujishima, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Kaleidoscope Visual art spells out, This project was made to express the power of the color. As for the inspiration of the color, a color used in "rlung rta" of Tibet was <Cropped>

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Table Lamp by Joe Koizen

Joe Koizen Portrays The I-Lamp Table Lamp

Joe Koizen, the maker of the displayed work Table lamp:I-Lamp by Joe Koizen points out, The I-Lamp began as a piece of scrap metal. Originally found on an Austin, Texas construction site, it was repurposed into a sleek and personal lighting source. <Cropped>

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Shapeshifting Cat-Cat by Ayane Sato

Ayane Sato Exhibits The Shapeshifting Cat Cat

Ayane Sato, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning Shapeshifting Cat Cat demonstrates, Throughout the illustrations, a story is told about an adventurous brother and sister in an unknown world. In their travels, they experience new thin <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Light of Life Residence

Yi-Chung Chen Shares The The Light of Life Residence

Yi-Chung Chen, the creator of the displayed project Residence by Yi-Chung Chen demonstrates, In the city of hustle and bustle we live in which is crowded with overdeveloping areas, there is a tiny skyline. Formed by three meters wide traditional row <Cropped>

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Cristian Branea's Ostinato Dining Table

Cristian Branea Demonstrates The Ostinato Dining Table

Cristian Branea, the lead designer of the displayed project Ostinato - Dining Table by Cristian Branea says, Ostinato is a design object that explore rhythm and repetition as means to transform materials. The piece materializes the concept of ostinat <Cropped>

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Mccall Design Group's Umpqua Bank South Lake Union Retail Store

Mccall Design Group Portrays The Umpqua Bank South Lake Union Retail Store

McCall Design Group, the maker of the awarded design McCall Design Group's Umpqua Bank South Lake Union Retail Store illustrates, This flagship retail store is located in the vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, whose innovative spi <Cropped>

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Chair by Brad Sewell

Brad Sewell Shows The Campaign Chair

Brad Sewell, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning Campaign Chair demonstrates, Campaign has thoughtfully designed its furniture to create a seamless shopping experience without sacrificing quality. Each piece arrives at your doorstep in days <Cropped>

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