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Ali Qapu Palace

The Wearable Architecture collection is very attractive, inspired by Persian architecture. The interaction would be different while audience exited and feels new concepts in daily use, as there are hidden ideas to discover. The designer had different global concerns in mind, tried to make benefit of architectural masterpieces design for expression. Although difficulties in transforming urban scale objects and loyalty to the main artworks beside industrial production potential are obvious but the proposal is admirable. In a word, the collection is not only jewellery but they are opportunities!

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Ore 69

The Ore 69 is an expression of the complexity behind simple forms. Inspired by the naturally occurring solid element from which a metal or mineral is extracted, the Ore 69 stud earrings are an interface between raw nature and technology; an expression of the elemental beauty of the natural world. Using realistic physics-simulation software, a cylindrical form is broken into two individual, interlocking pieces revealing the internal fracture; a singular object becomes a pair of asymmetrical earrings.

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This is a double polarized sunglasses which allowed the users to adjust the brightness. It is Inspired by soul and interacted with Light. It fully utilized the characteristics of magnet and the polarized lens, by twisting the magnetic Clip-on to shift down the light transmittance of the lens. This is the world's first adjustable brightness sunglasses. No matter outdoor or indoor activities, it can handle well for you easily. Just like your soulmate, the one who aligned with your soul and understand you well.

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These are the small sculptures made with black natural stone but same parts of it are polished. The pendants are reminiscent of fragments of skeleton, bones which alternated fullness and emptiness create ever-changing play of light.  It is possible to shape the wire through the holes on the stone, it can be change time in time according to a different scheme of composition and that creates a custom jewelry according a taste and mood of the moment. The black marble is very elegant stone. The contrast between the deep black and lighter colour of the skin makes an particular, attractive effect.

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Gravity Ring

This ring is not merely educational. It is reminiscent of the falling apple and Newton's discovery of gravity that changed the world around him. Designing this ring is aimed on an invitation to thought . Apple is among the skirts of ring and inside white rings that rotate 360 degrees shows apple falling from the tree.

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Ultraworks is a up and comping design unit worked very hard to create a mind-blowing moment for people. Thus they paid much attention to the details that makes Ultratime 001 so different and distinctive. The irregular arrangement of the numerals are presented neatly on the hours and minutes discs separately, which contrasts the thin lines that encircle them. The sharp silver/gold plating marker on the sapphire glass allows time to be read quickly at a glance. They believe that Ultratime 001 will inspire people and it deserved reputation as one of the best watch of all time.

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